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Feature Story

Meet the women training to become clean energy entrepreneurs in Peru

March 24, 2021

Group of students from the e-Mujer Energy School for Women
Students from the e-Mujer Energy School for Women in Loreto, Peru. Photo: UNDP Peru

“My life has changed,” said Nelly Arias from Puno. “Before this training, I used to be afraid that only men could do that type of work, and that women could not do it. I was afraid of working with this kind of equipment, of working with machines. That fear is gone. I now believe we can do so many things.”

Nelly Arias is one of the 290 women in Peru who enrolled in e-Mujer, the Energy School for Women. This pilot project, funded by the Global Environment Facility and implemented by the Peruvian Ministry of Energy and Mines and the United Nations Development Programme, trains rural women to use, install, maintain and commercialize clean energy systems such as solar panels and improved cookstoves.